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We're building a community of COVID researchers who can collaborate on cutting-edge science, encourage resilience, and attack the next pandemic head on.
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It has been just over a year since the PREPARE (Pandemic Research for Preparedness and Resilience virtual organization was created, and we’re intent on building a community focused on pandemic preparedness and resilience. As we work to maximize the collaborative synergies of the outstanding research completed through the NSF RAPID grant program, we’re excited to offer you this opportunity to present your work, learn from your colleagues, and seek collaborative opportunities at RP2: PREPARE 2nd Annual RAPID PI Meeting.

The focus of the SBEG workshop is on understanding new issues in social, behavioral, economic, and governance which have arisen from the pandemic, and which can be addressed by novel datasets and computing tools. We have four planned sessions: misinformation, equity, governance, and behavioral models. Join us via livestream on our YouTube channel!