Community Resources

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NSF PREPARE // Talks from innovators around the world

NSF Expeditions: Global Pervasive Computational Epidemiology // Regular seminar series where partner institutions and global thought leaders can present cutting-edge research

Public Datasets

API for Internet Archive TV News chyrons // Third Eye

COVID-ARC // Multimodal data // Keck School of Medicine of USC

COVID-19 Open Data // Daily global time-series data // Google Cloud Platform

Cases, Data, and Surveillance // CDC

Open-Access Data and Computational Resources to Address COVID-19 // NIH

HHS Protect Public Data Hub // US Dept of Health & Human Services

CORD-19 // COVID-19 Open Research Dataset // Semantic Scholar team at the Allen Institute for AI

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Data Hub // NCBI

The COVID Tracking Project // The Atlantic Monthly Group

COVID-19 Community // Reference data


COVID-19 Data Repository // CSSE, Johns Hopkins University

COVID Information Commons // Datasets

CovsirPhy // Python library for COVID 19 data analysis with phase-dependent SIR-derived ODE models


    LitCOVID // Curated literature hub // NCBI - NLM - NIH

    COVID-19 Open Research Map // Interactively explore research output // Kenedict Innovation Analytics

    Knowledge Hub: Coronavirus // Frontiers


    LONI Data processing pipeline & LONI Quality Control // Keck School of Medicine of USC

    COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard // Biocomplexity Institute, UVA

    COVID-19 Clinical Cases // Figure 1

    SPIKE-CORD // Extractive search over CORD-19 // Allen Institute for AI

    SciSight // Exploring the evolving network of science in the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset // Semantic Scholar team at the Allen Institute for AI

    SciFact // CORD-19 Claim Verification // Allen Institute for AI

    Live Visualizations for Public Use // Datawrapper 

    COVID-19 Resources // University of Virginia Library

    COVID-19 Medical Resource Demand Dashboard - US National // Biocomplexity Institute, UVA